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DK Online

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The best mmorpg I have ever seen..After a long time I entered the game. I'm upset that the game is like this. Rank 1 Paladin farm 1 hours. No money No items No Trade.. Guys 

A new server is required or mob gold and items drop rate must be high.. 

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DKOnline is the very best free to play mmorpg that I have ever beta tested , the aeria version had a lot more going for it , it had an upgrade system that was very very cool , too bad we dont have the rune system we had back then .

another thing that is different is the gear , some of it has the same graphics some of it doesn't , the Tshirt for example is supposed to be the wizards bra and yes it looked a lot better graphic wise .

masangsoft did what aeria did not do for us , they killed all of the bots so that players will not have to compete with machines for gear or pvp . good move .

ive been saying it all along.. lets run the aeria version ,  convert all of our stuff and run the aeria version . we got no poppets ,you know we wont get anywhere . we got no gear because we cant kill the bosses at all , all those botters that could do it are gone .

but im getting stronger soon a will be able to farm basic weapons and armor like the bloody longsword ive been trying to get the whole game . ( months away )

if there was ever a world that deserved some fixes this is the one . fix the pvp issue in the mines if its even possible ,we need to kill the apes inside of the mines . its a big part of the game . do you people even have a toolset ? can you recreate the mines ? I know I could . but it aint in English is it , so it takes a room of ten people a month to recreate the mines properly .if the toolset even allows it to be nonpvp .

this is the problem we had at aeria some kind of weird inability to recreate a simple map and allocate it right .

ive made some maps so I know how it goes , you can only do what the toolset allows .

throw us a freakin bone here , good things to come ? or , shut up and wait to die from game death .

id put some work into it , the servers are up now is the time . you can try to make the best game ever, or you can let it slip through your fingers. just give up you aint got what it takes ? work on the game . it wont happen if you don't try .

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