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Hey Guild and Alliance Masters!ย 

Perhaps you've encountered me and we've had the pleasure of getting to chat. Perhaps not though. My name is Arlem, and I am one of the Officers of Requiem of the Pure Alliance. I've taken it upon myself to set up much of our stuff to be geared towards the hardcore PvX oriented Guilds in our Alliance in a clerical sort of way. During this time I realized that some of the tools we are using might come in as a benefit for the whole server! ๐Ÿ˜„ย 

So, I would like to request that since I put effort into this to make your gameplay experience better, that you could provide me with some compensation if you are interested. If not, I sadly will not provide you with my document, and you can do it yourself! ๐Ÿ˜„

Are you worried about upcoming (yet horribly prolonged) PvP content or contesting World Bosses? Is the thought of "are my guys geared well enough for this?" running through your mind with its constant nagging?ย 

Well, worry not! As am in possession ofย a helpful little tool for you. This tool is none other than a fully stocked gear tracker for your members! This document is jam-packed full of every possible in-game gear related item and their appropriate slots. It also takes into account enhancements and elemental tiers! Of course, you could build one yourself, but who has that time? I know I didn't especially not with this grind....

Anyway, pricing Starts at 2m for a Guild Tracker and 3.5m for an Alliance Tracker!

Price is in florins. PM me here on the forums for further details such as my Discord.ย 

Party me in-game and complete the trade and I'll provide you with the copy of the document you've purchased!ย 

It's a pleasure doing business with the Members of the Four Realms. I look forward not only to our ongoing "political" relationships as well as any conflicts that may arise.ย 

I am also not opposed to creating further clerical documents to help those hardcore oriented guilds. ^^ just ask me what you'd like!ย 

See below for a screenshot/ sample of the document.ย 


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