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Sign-up Problem

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Hello everyone!


Thank you for visiting our forum!

Do you have trouble with sign-up?

If you are not received an email after joining the forum, please check your spam folder.

Enjoy! :)




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If you can't receive the confirmation email for joining, please follow these steps!


[DK Online Homepage> Support> Submit a request], you would submit the ticket for Forum confirmation email problem.

Or Visit our customer support https://masanggames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and submit the ticket for joining.

When submitting the ticket, follow this form.


*IssueForum Issue


Display Name:

Email Address:

Joined Date:


Kindly note that valid email address required for joining our forum.


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please increase the possibility of dropping items and materials from all monsters, there are few people playing which makes it almost impossible to get good items and get money, the game is great but it's being difficult to play, and it increases the xp, this would make the game becomes more fun

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