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FliP - Well met

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Hello there,

I assume most people have already heard about or seen my name.

I'm the guy that runs the community fansite and has been a Community Volunteer in the previous western version of the game.

What is left to say? Well, here is a short version of my gaming history: (Just a copy-paste from another introduction of mine on another forum)ž

I started my MMORPG journey with Silkroad Online in 2005, after which I moved to Shaiya in 2007 in which I spent almost half of my MMO career. I played Shaiya for 6 years, in which my guildmates and I achieved many records, such as:
- multiple weeks unbeaten #1 guild on Lailah Server
- record for the highest guild ranking battle score that we held until long after we left the game and was not beaten until 2 episodes (aprox. 4 years) after
- the only non-harcore social guild to compete with and beat several hardcore guilds

After 6 long, but fun years, the time has come to try out something new. Many friends had already left the game, so it was my turn. The great community we had in our guild was what kept us playing for so long.

After Shaiya I jumped from game to game trying to find a new home, which I found in Neverwinter. I can't tell how long I played Neverwinter, I kept coming back to that game, but my next game I played was DK Online. It was a fun MMO which I considered as my new home, as I was able to persuade some of my long lost Shaiya friends to play with me and everything seemed to be perfect.

I had the honor to become a GameSage (aka Community Volunteer) for the game and things could not be better. Unfortunately, due to some optimization issues in large scale PvP, the game went into hiatus for fixing and never came back. Although a studio is trying to re-release the game on steam for over a year now, it does not look too promising.

After DK Online I went back to Neverwinter again until ArcheAge came out. ArcheAge only lasted a few months for me, due to several reasons.

The next game on the list, unless I forgot about some, was Echo of Soul. A decent game in which my guild Eternal was founded for the first time. We were quite successful there being in Top3 Ranking, but we eventually left the game due to the game not heading the direction we hoped. 

Once Echo of Soul was in the past, I heard about this new upcoming MMORPG that I had seen around before. This game was Black Desert. I tried it out on the japanese server and it was a very fun game, something I had not seen before.
Once the russian server came out, we started playing there as a guild and moved to the european server after.

Although I am still playing Black Desert to this day, with several breaks, I am impatiently waiting for Ashes of Creation to release.

About myself, I am a everlasting Business IT student and working in my countries leading hospitality firm. Due to my job, I get to travel from time to time over the weekends.

Nice to meet you all, even though we mostly already met on Intrepids AOC forums.

Kind regards,

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Thought I recognized your name from somewhere. It was the AoC Forums. I am also waiting for that game and actually bought the Intrepid Pack plus a few cosmetic items but there were a few things that turned me off about it. First was that my.com / mail.ru spectacle. While I'm from the U.S., we lost a lot of European players because of that decision to be hosted by those companies for our European playerbase. The second thing was the format of alpha - 1. That battle royal was kinda lame and after the first few sessions I sat the next few months out hoping that castle sieges would be better (whenever the heck that will be out). The third thing was, out of every single MMO or RPG game *in the world*, AoC is the *only* game (a U.S. company too) without a forums. Can you think of one single other mmorpg without a functioning forums? 

But, even due to these drawbacks I am still anticipating it's arrival, hoping that things will turn out for the better. It does have a lot of potential, but so far the marketing value of it is poorly done, IMO. Hopefully the game itself, once polished, will make up for it. Besides, I have already invested a good deal of time and money into it to throw in the white towel already.

I also played NWN and NWN 2, both for many years. I bought both on first day of release and only very recently put my copy back on the shelves to gather dust. In all honesty 2019 is really a dry year for the MMO community. We had Legends of Aria, and that's pretty much about it. I was surprised to learn about DK Online. Even though it's free and there's only like, 3 types of weapons you can choose from, it has beautiful graphics and looks to possess all the wonderful classic systems of a modern MMO. I believe it will keep me occupied until AoC comes out. 

Theres also a few others for the 2020 release: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Chronicles of Elyria, Camelot Unchained, Crowfall, Fractured, and a few others. But until then, DK Online was sort of like the candle in the dark during this time.

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My plans are somewhat the same, use DK Online to close the gap until AoC, but at this point I am not even so sure anymore if AoC is going to be an option for me.

All this time, they only talked, promised, made more promises on top or promises they can't keep and we actually have not seen anything relevant to the actual MMO since the early days and kickstarter promos.

This BR nonsense has been ongoing for half a year now and they still don't have it working properly yet.

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