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  1. Well the game is finally coming out in about one day. Which is better to download and play with, Steam or Official Website? If I'm already registered on the official website and buy some S or G coins, will I still be able to utilize them if I use the Steam Client (if the login names are different).
  2. Celestial

    Hello, everyone.

    Race: Human Class: Warrior RP: Knight
  3. Celestial

    Paladins - Knights or Clerics?

    Is the Paladin more of a melee character with divine powers (like a holy knight) or are they similar to a cleric (primarily buffs and heals)? Through all the MMO's that I've played that has a paladin class, each MMO utilizes the paladin differently. Anyone know how they are portrayed on DK Online? I would like to play as a Paladin but I am looking for something along the lines of a Knight (melee oriented with a bit of divine power) as opposed to a healer class. If they are more like healers in this game I will go with warrior instead and RP him as a knight.
  4. Celestial

    FliP - Well met

    Thought I recognized your name from somewhere. It was the AoC Forums. I am also waiting for that game and actually bought the Intrepid Pack plus a few cosmetic items but there were a few things that turned me off about it. First was that my.com / mail.ru spectacle. While I'm from the U.S., we lost a lot of European players because of that decision to be hosted by those companies for our European playerbase. The second thing was the format of alpha - 1. That battle royal was kinda lame and after the first few sessions I sat the next few months out hoping that castle sieges would be better (whenever the heck that will be out). The third thing was, out of every single MMO or RPG game *in the world*, AoC is the *only* game (a U.S. company too) without a forums. Can you think of one single other mmorpg without a functioning forums? But, even due to these drawbacks I am still anticipating it's arrival, hoping that things will turn out for the better. It does have a lot of potential, but so far the marketing value of it is poorly done, IMO. Hopefully the game itself, once polished, will make up for it. Besides, I have already invested a good deal of time and money into it to throw in the white towel already. I also played NWN and NWN 2, both for many years. I bought both on first day of release and only very recently put my copy back on the shelves to gather dust. In all honesty 2019 is really a dry year for the MMO community. We had Legends of Aria, and that's pretty much about it. I was surprised to learn about DK Online. Even though it's free and there's only like, 3 types of weapons you can choose from, it has beautiful graphics and looks to possess all the wonderful classic systems of a modern MMO. I believe it will keep me occupied until AoC comes out. Theres also a few others for the 2020 release: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Chronicles of Elyria, Camelot Unchained, Crowfall, Fractured, and a few others. But until then, DK Online was sort of like the candle in the dark during this time.
  5. Celestial

    Great Forum, but..

    How do you edit your post? Can't find the function anywhere.
  6. Celestial

    Game Playable Already?

    Thank you for the replies. I had a few more questions: 1) I have an avid MMORPG background dating back over a decade and I never even knew about DK Online until recently. How long has this game been in production? How large is the player base (seems a bit small so far?) 2) Can paladins equip shields (and is it recommended?) 3) MSG Coins. Can Untradeable items be dropped on the ground (PvP loss)? Which is for the better (epic quality) items in the game store, S Coins or G Coins? 4) Is this game free to play, subscription, or one time fee? ***I would love to sink my teeth in a new MMO (As there is a drought for a good MMO for 2019) but it seems there is no player base at the moment, hopefully there will be players upon release of the game once you actually hop in-game.
  7. Celestial

    Game Playable Already?

    I was curious how come you could download the game from the official website already if it says the release date is March 5th? Is this "early access", and when did this start?