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  1. adem.cicek90

    Steam or Official Website for download?

    i am already have steam client dont want download again i will use steam client
  2. adem.cicek90

    Sorceress or archer for PvP?

    Sorc i think you can get more information on wiki page. http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Main_Page
  3. adem.cicek90

    Hello, everyone.

  4. adem.cicek90

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    yes and so much skill for warlock so with passive . Warlock have 31 skills. Sorcerer have 28 . Archer have 29. Warrior have 15. And paladin have 16 skills . its big advantage. And just warlock have 3 mana regen skills you know mana potion is have not in game we dont see in CBT . its too big adventage.
  5. adem.cicek90

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    Hi Warlock lovers , What do you think about warlock ?
  6. adem.cicek90

    About guild leveling

    No 100 yours to 1 guild fame
  7. adem.cicek90

    About guild leveling

    From hunting every 1 moob 1 fame points but need be your or higher then your level
  8. adem.cicek90

    Skill Books (Lvl 8,12, 16,18)

    Ty for information :)
  9. adem.cicek90

    Skill Books (Lvl 8,12, 16,18)

    link not working
  10. adem.cicek90

    Target HP bar , Damage dealt/taken scoreboard

    if they dont add this, you can test with your friends in pk mode
  11. adem.cicek90

    Skill Books (Lvl 8,12, 16,18)

    i think you dont play CBT no any npc thats books
  12. adem.cicek90

    Skill Books (Lvl 8,12, 16,18)

    send pm pls
  13. adem.cicek90

    Skill Books (Lvl 8,12, 16,18)

    Hi, i looked wiki pages and all monsters drops but cant see anythere lvl 8/12/16/18 skill books. its my guide for skill books but cant see any ( lvl8/12/16/18 lvls) and Dark force 24 lvl skill. And its my warlock skill books drop list https://i.hizliresim.com/QLN9NV.jpg