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  1. Shniwla

    The game is over

    leme add, DQs at +40 gives no EXP at all, like Tokens of pagan Quest (LVL 30 Quests) gives 40.000 EXP, Dark Elf 55.000 EXP Towstool (LoL) gives like 15.000 only while it needs to give 150.000 EXP ( 1 of them can send u back to town if u don't spam looots of pots presuming u don't hit teleport scroll to run from mob)
  2. Shniwla

    can't connect after the maintenance

    I reinstalled the game -> nothing created a new steam account,added game to library, same thing even if the new account have no game info whatsoever
  3. yesterday I closed the game normaly, today I can't connect, the client keeps telling me am already logged in see attachement pls