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    https://i1.wp.com/uncrowned.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/xLFXCXY.png?resize=300%2C230&ssl=1 Uncrowned East or (Senpai Squad the internal name used within the community) is the eastern (Anime) mmo arm of Uncrowned. We focus on MMOs such as Lost Ark, Kurtzpel, Astellia, Ascent: Infinity War. We strive to maintain a competitive PvP and PvE environment while also being of equal presence in the game’s economic battleground if possible. In addition to our competitive nature, we want our guild to be as inclusive as possible for players of all walks of life and play styles. While we will mostly operate under the label of a “Hardcore Guild” in terms of our interests, we will always be a fun nature environment. (Memes 4 Dayz) Why Uncrowned? - Most of the Uncrowned core has been veterans to similar style MMOs (Video of the Old Core) and are no strangers to Aeria Game titles. Territory War and Endgame content will be this guild's primary focus. - We offer various leadership positions within Uncrowned. We understand that our members have ambitious goals, therefore we have offered avenues and paths to direct leadership within the Uncrowned Community. - Join something FRESH. Uncrowned East is a relatively new arm, there are no established cliques or core. We plan to start building a strong core within DK Online! Uncrowned East is a special division within Uncrowned, Operating almost freely, we have a unique culture and approach to how we go into MMOs. The focus of Senpai Squad at its core has always been to provide a fun yet competitive environment. (Must love Memes) Website - https://uncrowned.org/senpaisquad/ Discord - https://discord.gg/PppwX6p