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  1. Are you guys sure you gave out compensation? O.o
  2. Arlem


    Hey Guild and Alliance Masters! Perhaps you've encountered me and we've had the pleasure of getting to chat. Perhaps not though. My name is Arlem, and I am one of the Officers of Requiem of the Pure Alliance. I've taken it upon myself to set up much of our stuff to be geared towards the hardcore PvX oriented Guilds in our Alliance in a clerical sort of way. During this time I realized that some of the tools we are using might come in as a benefit for the whole server! So, I would like to request that since I put effort into this to make your gameplay experience better, that you could provide me with some compensation if you are interested. If not, I sadly will not provide you with my document, and you can do it yourself! Are you worried about upcoming (yet horribly prolonged) PvP content or contesting World Bosses? Is the thought of "are my guys geared well enough for this?" running through your mind with its constant nagging? Well, worry not! As am in possession of a helpful little tool for you. This tool is none other than a fully stocked gear tracker for your members! This document is jam-packed full of every possible in-game gear related item and their appropriate slots. It also takes into account enhancements and elemental tiers! Of course, you could build one yourself, but who has that time? I know I didn't especially not with this grind.... Anyway, pricing Starts at 2m for a Guild Tracker and 3.5m for an Alliance Tracker! Price is in florins. PM me here on the forums for further details such as my Discord. Party me in-game and complete the trade and I'll provide you with the copy of the document you've purchased! It's a pleasure doing business with the Members of the Four Realms. I look forward not only to our ongoing "political" relationships as well as any conflicts that may arise. I am also not opposed to creating further clerical documents to help those hardcore oriented guilds. ^^ just ask me what you'd like! See below for a screenshot/ sample of the document. //s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/dk-forums-files/monthly_2019_04/image.thumb.png.8c61d63dcf26857db25d9d477b3a414f.png
  3. Arlem

    Twitch Steam for hot PvP, PvE and PK action!

    Hey guys, so the Priest Cam is currently down. I don't think twitch appreciated a 48 hour AFK. My GF is trying to set it back up while I'm out of town. See you all soonish!
  4. Arlem

    Fame and lvl gaps

    depends on the monsters you're farming and how much fame they give you. Split multiple ways you might not see that fame at all increasing.
  5. Hey guys, Here's a link to my Twitch. I'm afk the next few days, but feel free to pop in on the stream to see what's going on in downtown Laden! I'll be back Friday night NA time, so get ready for some excitement! -Arlem
  6. Arlem

    Best armor for paladin

    Weapon Any Longsword +7 or better (Bloody is top tier) and a Nightmare Shield. Greatswords are pretty much Lionman Chieftan or any Spirit or Equivalent (Quietness is top tier)and a Guarder of Life. Armor Cloak of Corruption or Cloak of Satyr, Gloves of Brute Force, Armor of Guardian, Emperor's Boots, Magic Defense Helm or Helm of Chaos/ Wind Golem Accessories Blue Necklace of High Priest/ Necklace of Exitium, 2x Ring of Corruption/ Ring of Seduction, Earring of Soul x1 and Earring of Seduction x1 Belt Rakku, Ekinem, Toad, Harmony
  7. Arlem

    What's your attraction to PvP?

    really though, server and account issues aside, why do you PvP?
  8. Arlem

    Compensation Package Nox Doll

    That means it's just an error in translation. Notice how below it, it still says 6 hours.
  9. Arlem

    What's your attraction to PvP?

    I figured this way you can find and group with like-minded players for PvP. ^^
  10. Arlem

    [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance on 20th March

    The game isn't meant to go 0-end game in a week like western games though. It's grind heavy with weak mob rotations and everything from your gear to your grind location is dependant on the type of class you're playing, your defence, and your weapon.
  11. Arlem

    [Announcement] Unstable Sever Issue

    Thank you. -_- sad day
  12. Arlem

    [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance on 20th March

    Hey, I am literally out of work right now. I'll work for you guys as a GM if all it is, is logs restores and tickets.
  13. Dear Masang/ Playerbase, For those of you not savvy to the current state of the in-game Consignment Auction House, Player Inventories/ Bags, and open looting in the world, please allow me to describe what is going on. Firstly, players are missing items that are equipped, in-bag, storage, or even in the consignment house storage. These losses also do include Florin/ Gold amounts. The bug continues to cause issues if you attempt to unequip and re-equip items they can disappear, become "not there" in your bag. Item drops in open world become stuck in the game floor and cannot be picked up 1/3rd of the time. You can see this demonstrated in Laden. These issues are unacceptable. Please, for the sake of your players, the game, and the server. Do an immediate restart to attempt to resolve issues. If not, compensation and an in-depth inspection of game mechanics needs to be done ASAP. Please, Arlem
  14. Arlem

    Greatsword or Sword + Shield?

    Aesthetics always boost stats, didn't you know?