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  1. Nexo

    What is the max level of this game ..?

    you won't get 52 with that +6 sword on warlock! ^^
  2. Nexo

    Blessed Weapons

    Oh, thanks for the info.
  3. Nexo

    Blessed Weapons

    Hello, was just curious about what is the difference between a Blessed Weapon and a Standard Weapon? Their stats look like the same, the only difference is that the Blessed Weapons are more expensive? Is there anything else? Why are they so expensive?
  4. Nexo

    Eos Weapon Magic Scroll

    Hello, I have a Eos Weapon Magic Scroll in my inventory but it somehow can't be used? Am I missing something? Is there anything that I don't know? Whenever I click on the scroll, nothing happens, it doesn't work. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Is there anything that I don't know?
  5. Nexo

    DKO Wiki

    There is no text in the Item Grade Chart? http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Item_Grade_Chart
  6. Nexo

    Recommended Builds?

    What items would you recommend that a Sorceress should equip? Which staff and equipment and of what + enchant level? (Also, is Sword+shield better or Staff and robe guarder better on a Sorceress?)
  7. Nexo

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    You can freely use a long-sword and shield on a Sorceress/Warlock. If you equip a Staff and a Robe Guarder, you'll get SP, but if you go for a Long-sword+Shield, you'll get attack speed+Shield Defense. Mages need the SP badly but The Sword and Shield is only recommended if it is of a high + enchanted level.