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    I agree with it. I think this game is not really a team game. Everyone fight by themselves, even though they are in the party. For sure, range attacking class is more efficient for doing many things in the beginning. Maybe authorities design this game in an uncommon way, such as strong monsters, too risk enchanting system and killing other players for their drops. As I see it, I believe every class in this game is Fighter, not really a team worker. Paladin has the highest HP & DEF to take on the damage of the Boss or powerful mobs. Maybe some class, warlock, can't challenge until her level is relatively higher than Paladin. For example, I have played a game, made in Korea, The damage of the Boss' skill could cause 3XX points and an lv50 archer only has 450 HP, so it's nearly impossible to fight the boss at this level unless I am a knight. Also, I guess Warrior and Paladin can win the PVP to the warlock/sorceress at the same level. In my opinions, I just don't know much about this game since it has just been launched for only a dozen days. Most people are still under level and don't have decent equips. It's hard to say many things at the moment.