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  1. GloriousMage

    The game is over

    Concordo plenamente, queira ou não só alguns players/guilds tentaram manter o jogo vivo.
  2. GloriousMage

    The game is over

    Greetings Everyone, I'm feeling lazy so I'll translate totally automatically, sorry for that. I created a post warning about the slow death of the game and its main causes, the post was the most viewed of the forum and the one with the biggest reactions and answers, unfortunately the contents of the game is over. link (http://forums.dk.masanggames.com/index.php?/topic/123-report-dk-online-dying-slowly-or-reborn-to-die/) Now there are no players or active guilds (just Chaotic, Moonlight and TurkishPunch) only have bots and even they are few. What do I suggest? I suggest you close the game or at least update the content with everything that still has to come to respect the remaining players while they are still playing. I really liked the game, I founded a guild with my friends 6 friends and today only 1 continues playing with me guild. I wait for the content of Sieges but unlike the last time it closed this time there is no amount of players playing. It was good while it lasted, we'll see what will happen in the next few days.
  3. GloriousMage

    Report - DK Online dying slowly or Reborn to die?

    Dude, Asians just play because they have bots / goldsellers, if u remove that asians gonna leave, im not racist or something...
  4. Greetings Everyone, It is with deep sadness that I present you players, and to this forum, some content that goes against the ToS of DK Online. As you all are aware of, in-game BOTs are a reality. We face it everyday. Goldsellers are among us since day one. Before I start, I would like to be clear about this: I have nothing against asian community whatsoever, but I am against the engines they are using to enhance and speed up their in game progression. As in every game, its progression between a legit player and a non-legit one, is overwhelming. Besides botting and buying gold (florins), those asian botters are plaguing our server. And DK Online is no exception. For those who visit the Free Trading District or Consignment Store, you have surely seen overpriced common items. Its obvious that those stores relate to gold buyers, which a bot buys in return for "real life money". That, added to the previous 6-year knowledge of DK Online, makes asians a threat to the future of DK Online's global launch and its success. On the 12th of March, dev team made an announcement - OFFICIAL NEWS [Maintenance] Scheduled Maintenance on 12th March (Completed) - Which in said announcement, they admit to reckon the threat of various asian players: "To make a good game environment, we will put in the effort to control them depending on our policy." Should I ask you guys... after all this info, and one week after this announcement... what is there left for the dev team to punish those who are harming DK Online, leading it to fail like so many other MMORPG's? If the dev team feels like they need to have this cancer on the servers to survive for some reason, whatever that reason might be, I beg for them to end their gold/Florin source. Ruins the economy very, very quickly, and will ruin the game before you realise. A legit player takes a day or two to farm what they can achieve in a couple of minutes, with a few mouse clicks. By doing this, I repeat, they CLEARLY go against DK Online's ToS. Also, please understand that those asian botters/goldsellers, are not into DK Online to play it for long. They just want quick cash, ruin the game, move on to another MMO, and repeat this sad process. This ruins the gameplay experience of those who actually want to play it, like we do. If this issue is not taken care of soon... us, the real community, might start packing their bags and leave. I will leave you here a clip of asian misbehavior buying gold live in their stream platform. Original VOD 4:50:00 - http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/42558539 Not to mention today's server bug-fest, sorry if this is not the place to post this, but I had to share this info with you guys. Greetings to the Turkish, Russian, American, European, Latin, and all communities from around the world. Best Regards, GloriousMage