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  1. Angel

    The lack of skills...

    My English is not good enough. I hope you can understand it.
  2. Angel

    The lack of skills...

    Play slowly and you will find the benefits of soldiers. You need to experience it yourself. And the soldier in the later stage of the game can show the strength of PK PVE.
  3. Angel

    The lack of skills...

    And I tell you, I've been playing this game for four to five years.
  4. Angel

    The lack of skills...

    You're wrong. Although mages can pull a group of monsters and kill them, MP defense is low. The soldier's defensive growth is the highest, although it is not very slow to fight one by one. And the mage can only beat low-level monsters in groups. Defense is not possible.
  5. Angel

    Sorceress or archer for PvP?

    As long as the archers are well equipped, they are the best PK profession.
  6. Angel


    Let me tell you that nobody plays Paladin on Korean servers.
  7. Angel

    Hello, everyone.

    What role to play?!