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  1. beta

    quests keep resetting

    the quest logs of both steam and masangsoft game accounts keep resetting and show no completed quests . I went all the way though balt island yesterday , and today it has reset to no completed quests ( steam account ) and my masangsoft account has also reset . this could cause major problems , example . I have two 3 minute puppets , and am collecting unintended resources ( unintentional ) like haste pots and chain armor . if this happened to you please post . I do not want to find out what happens when I get two blue tiger mounts and try to delete one . ( HELP ! ) : )
  2. beta

    version change and wipe

    why should we be forced to play this version of DKO when there is a better one ? I thought the current version was more complete but it is not . ( zone had to be blocked ) I would like to restart with the aeria version as it is much better suited to the western audience . flip still has the download saved on an old drive , it is not too late to restart with an improved version and would not be too difficult to implement . lets start over with a clean server , and this time we could use xingcode3 . starting over is a very good idea and there would be more room for improvements . ( I want my owl poppet ) .
  3. beta

    What is the max level of this game ..?

    < runs off to get to level 52 !
  4. beta

    DKOnline wallpaper

    omg I messed with this for hours and finally it looked right but its not even a screenshot . it doesn't even look like a good link . its a file I have on my machine and I cant paste it , all I wanted to do is post a screenshot and now I don't see a way to edit the post . I tried , email and Im , direct , html , Img . then this happened when I copy pasted directly on the image in photobucket . the forum seems to lack a way to upload image . photo bucket will replace it with an image of photo bucket even if it does work and at any time . that is why we don't use image hosting sites any more . ive reset my password for photobucket to retrieve my pics they were holding hostage . please delete the entire post , I am very sorry . if you need help ask flip . this is why there are no screenshots .
  5. beta

    DKOnline wallpaper

  6. beta

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    I saw 1 screenshot of the shadow mage , looked at the clean graphic user interface and I was in . the cool thing is that you are not stuck with a staff , you can use a sword and shield and fight with steel and magic ! I love to jump up in the air point my sword down and pounce on the enemy , just like rastan from the old school arcade game . : )