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  1. beta

    fan art

    < smiles .
  2. beta

    DKO Wiki

    hmm... localization issues ... i am on top of a mountain in china crossing the spine of the earth and I cannot connect because I have no bars.... - localization issue ... lol necros the post . says localization can be language issues too maybe . smiles .
  3. beta

    Error to launch

    the tech section of the forum if you have a tech question please post here . necros the post .
  4. beta

    quests keep resetting

    this is the bug section of the forum , if you find any bugs please post them here : )
  5. beta

    Family picture

    this is the screen shot section of the forum , and that is a nice screen shot .
  6. beta

    DK Online - pk pvp war V.2[Thailand]

    bump ! good job .
  7. beta

    fan art

    this is the fan art section of the forum , we were having problems being able to post any fan art and ended up with just links but ill try again .. DKOnline Wallpaper .
  8. beta

    Baguette - Guilde francophone

    omg ! she spoke French ! and somehow survived .... this is the guild section of the forum . bumps the post back up .
  9. beta

    Best armor for paladin

    paladin section of the forum , bumps the post back up .
  10. beta

    Don't waste your time

    bumps bibiche's post back up , says it is a good post .
  11. beta

    Recommended Builds?

    nexo ... bumps the post back up , nice post nexo .
  12. beta

    The lack of skills...

    bump bump bumps the post back up , yep .
  13. beta

    Lets Talk about WARlock

    warlock is male class of witch sub class of mage , the shadowmage is NOT a warlock it is not a witch . it is a wizard .
  14. beta

    Dream Tier Builds for each Class

    nice tips ... bump !
  15. beta

    What's your attraction to PvP?

    this is the pvp section of the forum , it is for pvp related posts ...bumps a pvp related question back up .