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  1. SkyDreamer

    Greatsword or Sword + Shield?

    can I have this wiki link please?)
  2. SkyDreamer

    Sorceress or archer for PvP?

    I'm currently observing DK Online gameplay videos on YouTube(but, unfortunately, it's not that I much it used to be), and I already decided I will choose Sorceress or Archer class. But I need advice from people who already played this game - how those classes are in PvP, I couldn't find any video and info regarding this. Is there any experienced warriors in this forum, give me a few tips about those two classes. Or maybe you have some PvP video links with archers and mages. Thanks in advance P.S.: in those videos what I found(PVP Guild wars) - there were only sorceresses in a party with warriors... is it mean that archers are not that good, or its just coincidence?