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    Because of no updates, we do hacks, cuz we naabs. Ban us masangsoft.
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    So I just logged into the game. I've been away, as DKOnline was slowly becoming a toxic under-the-counter gold buying or straight up gangbang pvp roflstomp with zero growth. Now that I've been back, and logged in, I have logged out. I was literally the ONLY PLAYER ONLINE. This should not be happening with this game. So here's the deal, if you lot plan to make money off of this game, that's great. P2W is definitely something that should be mostly avoided though. Sell AESTHETIC ITEMS. Make everything available from grinding when you make it available in the shop yet allow it to give an advantage. Make the decision into a "Now, or Later?" kind of idea. With how shitty the drop rates are, you'll have no problem still convincing players to give you funding. PvP siege warfare needs to be implemented fully ASAP. Whether or not players can actually acquire the titles, let alone hold the guild castles, they NEED to be able to fight with each other in a healthy manner. Allowing for the siege system is critical. BUG FIXING how the hell am I unable to equip any type of sword or shield as a warrior? What did you guys do? Wtf Remove the weight limits. Inventory space is enough of a limiter. LET PLAYERS PLAY. You all already know how to ban botters, so it shouldn't be an issue of "controlling exploitation." Grow a pair, and let your players play the game. Increase the drop rate. x3 across the board. So if it's a .02% chance, make it .06%. Like for real, this is the WEST you are marketing to. We get a dozen new games a day. Having antiquated and non-rewarding drop chances so early on discourages the grind once you get to level 50+. Return the Stat Point increase system that Aeria games had. Let's face it, DKO no longer has things that "no other game does" it's just not a new game anymore. You know what ISN'T being done by mmos right now though? Stat point increases. Let players decide how they level their characters. If they wanted to play a Sorceress sword and shield tank with mostly str and con stats, then LET THEM. For fucks sake, there are only 5 classes. AND THEY ARE GENDER LOCKED. You guys are digging your own grave by prioritizing monetization over implementation. Shit, we don't even need like 60% of the game translated, as it's linear as possible. Seriously though guys. Please address this. I LOVED this game. I love it still. I am seriously amazed that there wasn't even 1 other player online with me. NOT A ONE. If you can't make this game happen, please pm me and collect and provide any and all information /data required to either run the game as a standalone for myself, or to provide a server for the populace in a logical way for it's specific market.