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    Hello there, I assume most people have already heard about or seen my name. I'm the guy that runs the community fansite and has been a Community Volunteer in the previous western version of the game. What is left to say? Well, here is a short version of my gaming history: (Just a copy-paste from another introduction of mine on another forum)ž I started my MMORPG journey with Silkroad Online in 2005, after which I moved to Shaiya in 2007 in which I spent almost half of my MMO career. I played Shaiya for 6 years, in which my guildmates and I achieved many records, such as: - multiple weeks unbeaten #1 guild on Lailah Server - record for the highest guild ranking battle score that we held until long after we left the game and was not beaten until 2 episodes (aprox. 4 years) after - the only non-harcore social guild to compete with and beat several hardcore guilds After 6 long, but fun years, the time has come to try out something new. Many friends had already left the game, so it was my turn. The great community we had in our guild was what kept us playing for so long. After Shaiya I jumped from game to game trying to find a new home, which I found in Neverwinter. I can't tell how long I played Neverwinter, I kept coming back to that game, but my next game I played was DK Online. It was a fun MMO which I considered as my new home, as I was able to persuade some of my long lost Shaiya friends to play with me and everything seemed to be perfect. I had the honor to become a GameSage (aka Community Volunteer) for the game and things could not be better. Unfortunately, due to some optimization issues in large scale PvP, the game went into hiatus for fixing and never came back. Although a studio is trying to re-release the game on steam for over a year now, it does not look too promising. After DK Online I went back to Neverwinter again until ArcheAge came out. ArcheAge only lasted a few months for me, due to several reasons. The next game on the list, unless I forgot about some, was Echo of Soul. A decent game in which my guild Eternal was founded for the first time. We were quite successful there being in Top3 Ranking, but we eventually left the game due to the game not heading the direction we hoped. Once Echo of Soul was in the past, I heard about this new upcoming MMORPG that I had seen around before. This game was Black Desert. I tried it out on the japanese server and it was a very fun game, something I had not seen before. Once the russian server came out, we started playing there as a guild and moved to the european server after. Although I am still playing Black Desert to this day, with several breaks, I am impatiently waiting for Ashes of Creation to release. About myself, I am a everlasting Business IT student and working in my countries leading hospitality firm. Due to my job, I get to travel from time to time over the weekends. Nice to meet you all, even though we mostly already met on Intrepids AOC forums. Kind regards, FliP
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    Hi again, For accounts created from linking steam, we are not able to change our Forum name. This is a problem as a lot of us have different Steam names opposed to our In game names. If you are able to provide a solution that would be great, or if we have to sign up with your website and link that too it should be ok. Cheers
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    Greetings! We are excited to announce that amazing MMORPG DK Online will be hitting on March 5th, 2019 @11: 00 am (PST)! As DK Online team has been hectic for the good part of global service for a long time, we are also looking forward to releasing this game. And we are totally glad you are here and thank you for waiting! Check out the DK Online website and our official Wiki! Again, welcome, and join us in our adventure together! See you soon! Regards, DK Online Team
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    ...is a joke. Are Warriors expected to auto-attack until Lv50 before they get their first useful skill? Warriors have no AoE Skills whatsoever until Lv50. We have Death Swing, but that cannot be considered a skill but more as a special attack, as you can't use it whenever you want. PvE really is a joke when Warriors have to struggle due to lack of skills watching Sorceresses pull 10 mobs behind them and kill them within a few hits with their massive AoE attacks. Even Warlocks and Archers are in a better situation.
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    Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our forum! Do you have trouble with sign-up? If you are not received an email after joining the forum, please check your spam folder. Enjoy! :) -Veritas
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    its 20 years of online gaming... nothing else.
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    basically that issue is the one 90% of players don't give a single damn. Here is our list of "known issues": - gold spam - bots - quest translations - skills started to lagg (that wasn't case on launch day, or day after) - silly prices on cash shop - "30days" stuff (spend money on something that will expire in 30 days, so you can buy it again?) that's just taken from what community says... but hey, ofc you don't know it cuz nobody of you guys even dared to enter the game. If you did, at least those bots would be banned and spam would be solved. Ofc, your priority is PREMIUM merchant /facepalm EDIT: and yes, i'm annoyed af with this "announcement" cuz I saw no replies on IMPORTANT TOPICS whatsoever.
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    No 100 yours to 1 guild fame
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    According to the following wiki page (http://wiki.dk.masanggames.com/dkwiki/index.php/Hunting_Ground_for_Level_21_to_30), the Valley of Death, Cursed Graveyard, Illusion Lake and Desert of Death areas can drop +9 weapons and +4 armors. Is this correct? Considering weapons break after +6 and armors after +4, the weapon drop is huge.
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    Both coins(S Coin, G Coin) are the same price and the same value but their property is a little different. With S Coin, you can only purchase untradeable items. With G Coin, you can purchase tradeable items and untradeable items. If you charge only S Coin, you cannot purchase tradeable items. Please read our MSG Coin guide, charge info, and notice! Gratefully yours!:)
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    Thank you for your help! We fixed it to edit your post and to upload image! This problem is Steam Guard we think. T-T We checked that problem but it isn't our forum problem.
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    Hello warriors! Thank you for joining DK Online community. We are trying to be as active as we can, and we will continue to communicate through multiple channels including the community hub! For making better support, please make sure to post your topic on the right sub-forums. And please note that we will move your topic from the improper sub-forum to the proper sub-forum without any notice. If you don't find your topic, it might be moved to other sub-forum. Have a good day
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    Welcome to DK Online forums! The DK Online forums are for all players of Masangsoft to socialize and have a discussion with each other. To keep the forums a productive and positive place for all players to gather, please keep discussions greatly. So welcome and take this opportunity to read our forum policy. Enjoy your visit and have fun! Posting Rules and Regulations - Keep forum discussions pertaining to the game. - Controversial (racial, ethnic etc.), illegal (pirating, drugs, other illicit etc.), adult (drinking, sexual activities, and references) and Terms of Use-breaking (hacking, glitching, account trading, private servers, etc.) discussions are not allowed. -The user shall not use misspelled versions of inappropriate words to circumvent the swear word filter. Doing so shows the User was fully aware of the nature of the word and it will be reflected in any potential penalties. - Please remember that these forums are open to all ages. Profanity and vulgarity will not be tolerated. - Naming and shaming will not be tolerated. Any abusive behavior should be reported using the forum tools or contacting customer support. - Inappropriate images of any kind will not be tolerated. - Please consider that discussions including Inappropriate images or profanity will be deleted without any notice. Naming policy - All inappropriate forum ID's will result in a name change picked by the DKonline team. - The User shall not use on the Website, the Forums and in the Game character names, family names, guild names, clan names and/or nicknames that are: - Vulgar, abusive, hateful, racist, defamatory, threatening, pornographic or sexually orientated; - Referring to inappropriate parts of the human body or bodily functions; - Referring to drugs or illegal activities; - Related to the Nazi regime; - Referring to figures or activities of religious relevance - Related to political regimes or personalities involved or suspected of violation of human rights; - Promoting violence, ethnically or national hatred; Advertising Links & Spamming - We do not allow the promotion of referral websites, phishing websites, or other malicious links. - This also includes threads that that intentionally promote ("advertise") other games(Non-Masanggames). - All of the advertising links and spamming discussions will be deleted without any notice. - Bumping (repeated posting on a thread to keep it going or visible) is also not allowed. Reporting Abuse -To report abuse happening on the DK forums, on the right bottom corner of every post there is a Report abuse link. - When clicked it opens a report form for you to fill in a subject and a quick summary of what the abuse is. - The forums are not the channel for reporting players. - Reporting players through the forums can be seen as harassment as it can lead to disruptive, inflammatory behavior. Customer Support/Game Masters - The DK Online forums are not a channel to contact Customer Support or Game Masters. - If you would like to report information regarding cheats or hacks to Masangsoft, send a ticket to Customer Support. Do not post it to the forums. - Use the customer support to file tickets if you require assistance regarding account and billing inquiries or issues.
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    Hey guys, Time to bring up the age old question, which is better of the two? With the release of the wiki we can see the more damage oriented warrior skills require the Greatsword, but does it surpass the extra defense provided with the shield? With Sword and Shield; Shield Strike = Inflict physical damage to the target by striking it with the shield. Has a chance to decrease the target's movement speed. LVL 16, MP 5, CD 5S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 2S. Protection Shield = Shield defense value is increased for 15 seconds. LVL 24, MP 15, CD 1MIN, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 15S. With Greatsword; Battle Stance = Take battle stance to increase attack speed and critical damage. LVL 24, MP 15, CD 45S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 15S. Armor Break = Decrease the target's defense by temporarily destroying the target’s armor with a strong attack. LVL 32, MP 15S, CD 30S, CAST TIME 0, DURATION 8S.
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    In my opinion, if this game die (and it will really quick) its because as free to play player you are unable to properly play the game in order to compete, simple as that. You are forced to spend money in order to make your efforts ingame be worth something, when you are in the end-game, your routine is basicaly resume to buy tons of potions and move to the spot to farm and hope for a drop that pay out the potions plus extra to gear up, thats it, thats all about it. First of all, if you dont have the memory teleport bracelet witch allow u to teleport to anywhere you want, you have to move to the grind spot spending alot of time AND gold, because meanwhile you going to the place you also getting hit by mobs and you spending pots there too. Secondly, the speed and effectiveness of your kills are hugely reduce, this means that you cant aim for the best spots you could with your gear without the consumables, you need to downgrade the spot and go to a less hard mobs because you cant handle the same as with cash shop consumables you could. Everything goes down, slower, worse, overtime the difference between free to play and spending money is huge, and this is only the begining, we are not even on the situation where enchanting comes in the play, because currently there is no cash shop still for that purpose, but it will just like the chinese and korean version, u can be sure about it. In short, what kill the game is the p2w, end of story.
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    The main reason why i also mention archer is because its the best for pk 1vs1, its also range and has the best dmg to farm at high defense areas, if you are hardcore player that spend alot of money ingame and you like to pk people arround, archer is the best option by far. If you normal/casual player (means you dont play 14h a day) and you just started this game, sorcerer is the best class by far because it have hp and mp regen skills on low leve that will let you farm without investing money in low defense areas, it have the best aoe dmg skill in the game that will let you farm really fast on low defense mobs area, so it will make you grow faster at the begining, later on this is no longer that usefull (lv45+) If you are in the same situation as sorcerer but you dont really like that much, you can go warlock, its close to it with different playstyle. Thats it, thats all the options, if you go paladin, as i previously said, you will quit the game once you realize how bad it is, and by then it will be too late for new character, you just will quit. If you go warrior, it will only suits you if you are hardcore player and also spend alot of money ingame, warrior is good class with max gear and max level and stuff, but untill that is just poor shiet that can only autoattack, close range and have no buffs.
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    I'ts a lvl 25 quest at Harland Town. You need to kill few gremlins
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    -Increase the amount of items available to list at once in the Consignment Store (Players Market), it will increase the player activity on the market with more and better prices for everyone, this game have huge amount of items, materials, consumables, etc, the current limit is just too low, its making the economy of the server look really bad and not healthy at all, increase the amount of items that you can list at once so players can actualy properly sell what they dont need in order to buy what they need, encourage the player trading ativity. -Fix the filters on the game, everything that have something to be filtered is not working, it only works if you write the exact name, for example if you write +0 Chain Shield, it will not show anything, even if there is the suggestion that shows up with that name, it doents work, you have to write Chain Shield only for it to be shown, also if you select on the menu, weapon, armor or whatever, it will just do nothing, im pretty sure its know issue, but anyway ill leave it here. -Increase the drop rate slighly for the basic consumables and materials, keep the same drop rate for amors/weapons/accesories etc, currently the drop rate for materials is that low that most of the items are not worth to craft, they are cheaper to just buy the piece itself because of the drop rate of materials its too low, to fix that you have to increase the materials drop rate, if you decrease the drop rate of weapons/armors/accesories instead, then it will be better to just buy them on the npc, so please be carefull with this and increase slighly the drop rate of the materials, it doents need to be huge boost, just a litle more to compensate the current prices of the materials on the market, you are still in time to do this. -Add damage display, instead of ''HIT'' or ''CRITICAL'' make it actualy show the number of damage dealt, there is no logic for it to not be display, we can figure it out what is the damage we currently doing, so please add this feature, it only improves the game experience and brings nothing bad. -Add hp display on player targets and the amount of hp they have, also on monsters, we can figure this out, so just make it display, same as with the damage display, we can figure this out too, so please add this feature so we can see it without the need to test and checks. -Add profile character stats, like seriously, we have alot of stats that are nowhere, attack values, movement speed, attack speed, hp/mp regen etc, those are important values that should be somewhere to be seen for the players, same as above... -Balance and Cash Shop suggestions will be added soon.
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    Pretty much like the "Tractor Movement" that happened in ArcheAge when the only bridge was blocked and nobody could pass. Give trolls a finger and they'll grab the whole hand.
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    daily rewards ... yes activity or login time rewards... nope
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    @DK Veritas @DK Eos I hope you realize that players that are supposed to be here are leaving the game due to players that are not supposed to be here. Let me remind you that according to your announcement posted on Steam on February 26th (https://steamcommunity.com/games/781030/announcements/detail/1751242076603263123), you wrote the following: "In addition, we have region restrictions. China and Korea will be restricted and not available this global service. This is because there are other servers(not on steam) servicing those countries. We recommend that residents in Korea or China use the services of each country." China and Korea will be restricted and not available this global service. This is because there are other servers(not on steam) servicing those countries. We recommend that residents in Korea or China use the services of each country. Please enforce your own rules. If you do not follow the rules you set, how do you expect us players to follow them?
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    Since there has been no reply yet, I started to investigate myself. The Steam and Masangsoft Versions are identical: same amount of files, exactly the same size in bytes. Although, even the Masangsoft Launcher Client has a Steam API in it, even though it has nothing to do with Steam. Attemping to launch each of the clients gives different "Login failed" messages. The Masangsoft client says "Network communication has failed. (E9000)" and the Steam client "Login Error. Steam login authentication failed. Please try again later". If I understood this correctly, the Steam client authenticates through Steam accounts and the Global client through masanggames.com accounts. In this case, the inital question still remains: does each client use different accounts? Eg. you cannot login to your Masangsoft account when you launch the game through Steam, as login credentials are entered into the Masangsoft Launcher, which is not present in Steam. This is important for a lot of people that want to buy MSG Coins, which they can only buy with a Masangsoft account, but cannot use with Steam unless we are told that only Masangsoft accounts are used, even for Steam.
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    In addition, you can also get more then 1 Fame per Monster if you defeat monsters above your level. The Guild Levels, Requierements and Perks are the following: Lv1 - 10 Slots - Defense Master 1 Skill Lv2 - 20 Slots - Offense Master 1 Skill - Requires 100 Guild Fame Lv3 - 30 Slots - Guild Emblem, Guild Wars, Research Magic Skill - Requires 500 Guild Fame Lv4 - 40 Slots - Castle Siege, Ability to join Alliance, Marking and Build Camp skills - Requires 2000 Guild Fame Lv5 - 50 Slots - Ability to create Alliance, Alliance Emblem - Requires 5000 Guild Fame Lv6 - 60 Slots - Guild Memory, Defense Master 2 skill - Requires 100.000 Guild Fame
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    Hello, Looking at the MSG Coins, what is the difference between S Coin (untradable items only) and G Coin (all items)? What is the benefit of buying S Coin compared to G Coin if all items are purchasable with it? Both S and G Coin are used for DK Online and prices are the same. Kind regards, FliP